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You are now on the home page Information about Wood Perfect's formulas and Services and how to contact us. This page shows improvements made to Wood Decks by Wood Perfect The Houses shown here have been restored and protected by Wood Perfect. Fences, Arbors, Hot tubs, Doors and More.

About Us

Wood Perfect has been in the natural wood restoration business for 24 years extending the life and natural beauty of cedar, pine, redwood and cypress home-siding, log homes, decks, spas, shade arbors, boat houses, piers, fences, doors, and more. Specializing in pressure washing, stripping, sanding and applications of oil based wood preservatives. Wood Perfect also provides a reliable and thorough service working conscientiously to protect your surrounding plants, brick/rock veneers, walkways, windows and other precious or valuable items during all phases of restoration.

About the Product

Wood Perfect uses the best; not some hard-shiney-furniture sealer, paint or opaque (cover-up) stain, but a heavy duty wood preservative oil formula that penetrates into the wood providing protection for a natural look. Our formula contains fungicides and powerful ultraviolet light absorbers and is also available with or without pigments.

Unlike the other well known name brands, our pigmented formulas are more authentic and aesthetically pleasing. The hues are richer, yet, subtle tones, that enhance the wood's natural characteristic knots and grains, thus, complementing both the wood's natural color and its surroundings. Alternatively, if a weathered or rustic look is desired, or if the wood is dry, the clear oil will revitalize and provide water protection.

Over twenty-seven years ago our formula was tested and rated as " . . superior . . " by the Texas Forest Services, a Texas A&M University System, but more importantly are the fully satisfied customers who have been applying it for over twenty-four years now.

Our preservative, whether applied to old or new wood exposed to the severest conditions, has consistently out-performed all conventionally known products. Proper application provides fiber reinforcement, resistance to grain checking, mildew and major cupping. Moreover, because it is a penetrating oil, the wood can both breathe and shed water which aids in the prevention of decay and surface erosion caused by the irreversible effects of moisture and harmful UV rays. Consequently, extending the life of the wood and eliminating expensive replacement and maintenance costs.

Pressure washing-low or high; One Course/One-step sanding;  Covering the valuables;  Oil/Saturation-Application.
"Pressure washing-low or high; One Course/One-step sanding; Covering the valuables; Oil/Saturation-Application".

Once you're using this formula any maintenance is forever simple and cheap. Reapplication on exterior vertical walls is unnecessary for five to eight years-plus. And for horizontal surfaces-(decks)-reappplication is recommended every three or two years depending upon the extremeties of both the foot traffic and sunlight.

Wood Perfect's formula, applied to either interior or exterior surfaces, aids in the preservation of all wood types and their articles; such as, pine, treated pine (CCA, ACQ, a.k.a wolmanized, Yella-Wood), cedar, cypress, fir, redwood, oak, ipe, drift-wood, dead roots, logs, stumps, art objects . . .

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