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You are now on the home page Information about Wood Perfect's formulas and Services and how to contact us. This page shows improvements made to Wood Decks by Wood Perfect The Houses shown here have been restored and protected by Wood Perfect. Fences, Arbors, Hot tubs, Doors and More.

How do I preserve that
natural wood look?

What product is the best and
will last?

How do I get rid of discoloration
due to mildew, mold & fungus?

Last updated April 06, 2018

Some of Wood Perfect's finished challenges
Some of Wood Perfect's finished challenges

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is a professional service combined
with many years of experience, knowledge
and heavy duty wood preservative oil that:

Repels and Sheds Water Has UV Protection Retards Mold and Mildew

Prevents Cracking, Splitting and Costly Repairs and Replacement

- Extending Surface Life

Specializing in Cleaning, Sanding, Preserving, Refinishing,
Repairing, Restoration and Maintaining:

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